IMPRESSIONIST Still Life Oil Painting by Esther Patterson

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Item number: PYH 4641

This framed oil painting depicts an appealing scene for all of us who love flowers. An unseen woman has just come in from cutting a basket full of beautiful fresh flowers, hanging her hat on the back of a chair and placing her shears on the plaid tablecloth. Delightfully, the artist has provided a painting on the wall to complete the intimate Impressionist tableau. The slightly hazy pastel colors used are just lovely.

The artist, Esther Patterson, signed her work on the front, lower right. The canvas artist panel she painted it on has a label on the back identifying it as a "FAV-O-RITE" from Favor, Ruhl & Company. From our research, we found that the company began in New York in the late 1800's and was in business until at least 1970 (their 1970 catalog was for sale on Amazon at the time we wrote this). Their Chicago branch was open by 1910; this label has both locations on it, but does not have Boston on it, which was open by the early 1920's. We're dating this painting as early 20th century, possibly before 1920.

The painting measures 28 inches wide by 22 inches top to bottom. It weighs 4 pounds, 10 ounces and is ready to hang, with hanging hardware attached. The wood frame, 2 inches wide, is painted a matte dark gold. The painting itself is in very good condition, with no tears or holes, just a small scratch on the brim of the hat and another to the upper right of the crown (both are shown in our photographs). The frame has rubbing to the paint that is not detrimental to its looks. It's a truly pretty painting for a romantic touch in any setting.


PYH 4641