Italian Pottery Jug Signed de Simone Italy 65

Giovanni de Simone
Item number: PYH 5267

Giovanni de Simone (1930-1991) created wonderful ceramics like this charming jug vase in his studio that he founded in the 1960's in Palermo, Italy. Made of reddish tan clay, it's coated with white slip and hand painted in bold colors of red, blue, yellow, lavender and orange, with trim of speckled brown. One side features a mustachioed cubist gentleman wearing a large hat and smoking a cigar. On the other side is a very abstract female lobster with black roe in her belly. Although de Simone's designs have been compared to Picasso's art, they are inimitable and instantly recognizable.

The jug measures 11 inches tall, with a base 5 inches in diameter and it weighs 2 3/4 pounds. It's in excellent condition, with one small chunk out of the bottom edge that is partially glazed over (it can be seen on the right edge in photo number 7). The white spot on the rim of the mouth is a small blob of glaze. There are no cracks, chips or other concerns to mention. The bottom is signed, printed in black ink "DESIMONE ITALY 65." It's a wonderful find for the MCM design fan and collectors of Italian pottery.


PYH 5267