Boch Belgium DELFTS Wall Plate

Royal Sphinx
Item number: PYH 5637

This beautiful faience wall plate, transfer decorated in blue on a white field, was made by the firm of Boch Keramis in La Louviere in eastern Belgium. The pattern name is "Delfts," as the pieces in this series show scenes of Dutch country life and are inspired by traditional Delftware.

This scene was created by Amsterdam painter George Jan Hendrik Poggenbeek (1853-1903), who signed his original oil painting "G. Poggenbeek." The transfer was created from this picture (these Boch porcelains are not hand signed on each piece, nor are they hand painted). It features a Dutchman with a cane standing by a lock on a canal where a boat is moored., with more people on the path in the distance. We've included a photo of the original oil painting.

The cobalt blue printed mark on the back of this wall plate reads "MADE FOR ROYAL SPHINX HOLLAND BY BOCH" and "Delfts." Prior to the year 1969, the Royal Sphinx brand was made by the Petrus Regout factory in Maastricht, The Netherlands. They ceased making these pieces that year and Boch then manufactured them for Royal Sphinx until 1979. This explains why this mark features the Boch name prominently, but also includes "Made for Royal Sphinx." It also neatly dates the platter to that ten-year period. By 1985, the division of Boch that made these plates was out of business.

The platter has a scalloped rim with a lovely floral band. It measures 12 inches in diameter and 2 inches high. Two holes are drilled in the foot rim with a wire inserted for hanging. The plate can, of course, be propped on a shelf or on a stand or inside a china cabinet, also. It's in excellent condition, with no chips, cracks or fading of the color. (The small holes on the underside are stilt marks from the kiln.) The plate is glossy and the colors are vivid and have depth. The blue is not a harsh cobalt, but more mellow. It's a pretty piece that adds a Euro country touch to your décor.


PYH 5637