Stoneware Pitcher 1991 by Greg Shooner Heritage Pottery Ohio

Item number: PYH 5646

Heritage Pottery in Oregonia, Ohio was founded by Greg and Mary Shooner. The Shooners are famous for their redware but made excellent stoneware as well, like this handsome pitcher. It has a wonderful shape, with a swelling belly that tapers to a flared foot. The pulled, arched handle is attached with a thumbprint and the small spout was also pulled. There are three incised rings on the neck and finger indentations on the fully glazed inside of the jug.

Made of speckled tan clay, it's washed with a mixture of greenish brown and grayish blue glazes, then topped with myriad dashes of brown and drips of the blue gray. The bottom of the pitcher is dry, impressed with their Heritage Pottery stamp and hand signed "1991 Shooner."

Standing 9 inches tall and measuring 8 inches across the belly to the edge of the handle, the piece has a base 4 3/8 inches in diameter. It weighs 3 pounds, 10 ounces and is in pristine condition, with no damage and no discernable wear. It's a superb piece by a superb potter.

★ The Shooners have been listed in Early American Life Magazine's Directory of Traditional American Crafts for over 30 years. Their pieces are represented in museum collections, as well as the permanent collection of the White House. They have demonstrated and lectured about their craft at conferences in places such as Winterthur Museum in Wilmington, Delaware, among many others.


PYH 5646