Antique Silverplate English Candlesticks 1873-1888

George Richmond Collis & Company
Item number: PYH 3836

This superb pair of matching silverplate candlesticks was made in Birmingham, England. Bearing the makers' mark of the highly sought after silversmith George Richmond Collis & Company (1835-1888), they date from the years 1873 to 1888; after that year, the company was dissolved. Collis exhibited many silver items which were greatly admired at the London Great Exhibition of 1851. We have included a copy of one of their advertisements.

Despite being made in the late Victorian era, these candlesticks are Georgian in style, having lovely, simple lines with gadrooning on the base, on the two nodes on the shafts and on the removable bobèches, the candle cups that catch drips and drops of wax for easy cleaning.

The impressed hallmarks are located on the rim of the base and consist of Collis & Co inside a quatrefoil, followed by a series of four letters and ending with "A1." British silversmiths used this letter code for their plated wares. The best quality was "A1" or "AI," which denoted superior quality, with 32 grams of silver used per dozen pieces, whereas the lowest grade of "D" only used six grams of silver per dozen.

Each candlestick stands 10 1/4 inches tall with the bobèches in place, has a 5 inch diameter base and each weighs 1 3/4 pounds. The bottoms are covered in old green felt. The pair are in amazingly good condition (and we're not even that good at polishing!). There is small dent in one of the bottom rims and a couple of tiny nicks which do not reveal the base metal, but there are no monograms, no monogram removals, and no repairs. The candlesticks look wonderful and make a beautiful and practical display.


PYH 3836