Wall Plate with Portrait of White Horse

D.F. Haynes
Item number: PYH 5633

This large, striking wall plate depicts White Horse (c. 1840/1845–1892), a chief of the Kiowa Tribe, in his colorful war bonnet. White Horse led innumerable raids until he was imprisoned at Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida. We've included an early photo of him.

The plate was made by David Frances Haynes (1835-1908) of Baltimore, Maryland. Haynes purchased the floundering Chesapeake Pottery in 1882, producing art pottery. After being sold to rival Edwin Bennett, the pottery was renamed "D.F. Haynes and Son" in 1896 when David's son Frank purchased it. The mark on this plate, a backstamp printed in black, reads "Haynes Balt." It began being used by the company circa 1900. The pottery closed in 1914. We've included a photo of the pottery building as well.

The colors on this plate are vibrant and the scalloped rim is thickly encrusted with gilding in the form of scrolls and shells. The portrait is a transfer with hand painted details that are raised and tactile to the fingertips. The name "WHITE HORSE." is printed at the bottom. The plate measures a full 13 inches in diameter and weighs 2 pounds 13 ounces. It is in very good condition; there are a few scratches and a small dark spot on the front and minimal wear to the gold (all shown), but there are no cracks, chips or other damage. There is a hanging wire installed on the back to mount it on the wall for a dramatic piece of art.

>>>INFORMATION on D.F. Haynes and the Chesapeake Pottery came from an article titled "The Legacy of D.F. Haynes: A Beacon of American Ceramic Craftsmanship" on the website encyclopedia of design and also from the article "A History of Baltimore Porcelain" on the Chipstone Foundation website.

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PYH 5633