Mexican Pottery Pot by Alvaro Ouezada

Alvaro Quezada
Item number: PYH 5583

This polychrome pottery pot was made in the village of Mata Ortiz, Mexico and signed "Alvaro Quezada." Alvaro is the son of Juan Quezada (1940-2022) who is famous for reviving the ancient Casas Grandes pottery tradition.

Alvaro used mirror images of two geometric designs on opposite sides of the pot. When looking down from the top of the piece, the hand painted black and red designs form a pinwheel effect. The bottom is covered with the same cream slip as the rest of the pot and it's etched with his signature (be sure to zoom by clicking on the image).

Standing 6 inches tall and 7 inches across, the pot's widest circumference is approximately 22 inches and it weighs just over one pound. It sits firmly without rocking. The pot has some wear; there are two fine, short scratches on the paint, but all the paint is intact. The piece has a light film of dirt in areas, especially on the bottom, where there is a smudge on the signature, although it is still clearly readable. This Mata Ortiz pottery pot, expertly made by a member of the famed Quezada family, is beautifully painted and displays handsomely.


PYH 5583