Beautiful English Silverplate Tea and Coffee Pots

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Item number: PYH 5424

This matching silverplated pair of tea and coffee servers was made in England and hand chased with flowers and foliage. Both have graceful gooseneck pouring spouts and hinged lids with elaborate decorative floral finials. The handle on the coffee pot is arched, fluted and curled; it's on the opposite side from the spout. The teapot handle is arched over the pot and has many pretty embossed details.

The coffee pot is lobed and baluster shaped, with a broad bottom, and stands on four curved legs. It measures 9 1/2 inches high to the top of the handle. From the tip of the spout to the outer edge of the handle it's 10 inches across and it holds 6 cups (48 fluid ounces). It weighs 2 1/4 pounds and is in excellent condition, with just a small dimple on the underside of the bottom of the pot.

The teapot rests on a circular ring, which would have fit into a stand, now missing. Its pumpkin shape is lobed like the coffee server. In width the body measures 10 inches across from spout to handle and in height it's about 11 inches to the top of the handle. It weighs 2 1/2 pounds and comfortably holds 8 cups (64 fluid ounces). It, too, is in excellent condition.

While Victorian in design and decoration, we feel that this pair was made later, in the 1930's. Both servers are marked on their bottoms with an unusual (and unidentified) parrot mark with the letters CFS. The words "HAND CHASED" and "MADE IN ENGLAND" are beneath the maker's mark. The silverplate is bright and shiny, having been stored in brown anti-tarnish cloth bags (included). The insides of these beautiful pieces are sparkling clean and both make a lovely and useful display.

* Note: Price is for Both Items


PYH 5424