Antique Gilded Porcelain Basket 1920's

Item number: 4162

This exquisite porcelain basket was made in Suhl, Germany, by the Erdmann Schlegelmilch factory, founded in 1895 and out of business by 1937. Their green mark on the bottom of the basket was registered in 1902 and includes: PROV SXE (Suhl was part of Saxony for over 200 years), the initials ES and beneath that Germany, all of this enclosed in the outline of a vase.*

The basket is made of very white porcelain clay, with a white lustre glaze on the interior. The exterior has a semi-matte glaze with a faint blush pink tinge and was hand painted on both sides with yellow and white daisies and trailing green vines. The realistically molded handle and the upper and lower rims are heavily and beautifully gilded.

This lovely bibelot is 5 inches tall, 5 inches long and 3 inches front to back between the handles. It's in superb condition, with the gilding and painting still fresh and bright, no crazing and not a chip or crack to be seen. Every aspect of this elegant basket is extremely high quality and will add a sumptuous note to any decor.

* This mark was used in the 1920's, according to "Collector's Encyclopedia of R. S. Prussia," by Mary Frank Gaston.


PYH 4162