Antique Cast Iron Wall Match Holder Hunting Motif

Item number: PYH 5308

Bring a piece of history to your home with this unique antique cast iron wall match holder! Crafted with intricate detail, the hunting motif adds a touch of rustic charm to any space. Its sturdy iron construction ensures durability and a classic look for years to come.

A double match safe, designed to hang on the wall and hold both unused and used wooden matches, this cast iron piece was made with a hunting motif. The designs are molded in relief; the game bag holds the two match pockets and is flanked on one side by a hare and the other by a grouse, spoils of the hunt no doubt. Centered above the game bag is a hunting horn and the piece is topped with a knothole and a pair of oak leaves.

The reverse of this match keeper has the patent date stamped into the metal: PATD SEPT 27 1870. The piece is 9 inches tall and 5 1/2 inches across at the widest point. It weighs 1 pound 2 ounces and is in excellent condition, save for a few spots of rust, one on the front under the match holders and the rest on the back side. There have been many reproductions of this over the last 150 years, but this is the original. It's great décor for the kitchen or hearth in a hunting lodge, log cabin or the rustic home.

A helpful note...When buying "old" cast iron, examine the edges; if they are rough, it's probably a later item, reproduced by using an original as a mold. The edges of the original ones were carefully filed down after casting. In addition, some of the details will be missing on the reproduction, lost in the recasting.


PYH 5308