Goose Decoy by Pat Korman for Wooden Bird Factory

Canada Goose
Item number: PYH 5616

This Canada goose decoy was hand carved and hand painted in 1983 by Patricia (Pat) Korman for The Wooden Bird Factory. Beautifully made, it does have a repair on the beak, shown in our photos. It measures 8 inches long, about 4 tall and 3 inches across the breast, about 1/4 the size of an actual Canada goose. It weighs 1/2 pound and is in excellent condition except for the repair.

The Wooden Bird Factory, founded by Ray Johnson in 1975, was located in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota. Their logo was registered as a trademark in 1988 and was cancelled in 2002 because it had not been in use for the previous 10 years. All of their birds were stamped with this logo and signed by their artists as well. The underside of this handsome goose is signed by Pat Korman, identified by her as "Canada Goose" and dated '83.


PYH 5616