Folk Art Antique Wooden Bucket with Hearts and Tulips

Item number: PYH 5574

This large bucket (or pail) was hand painted in mustard yellow with a brown stain over it and decorated with cheerful Pennysylvania Dutch designs in red and green. The lid has a large red heart surrounded by green teardrops and a wave design, with a red wave around the rim. The bucket is decorated on one side only, with a large red heart in the center surrounded by fruit and tulips. There's green ivy running along the top and a red wave at the bottom. Altogether, a very colorful piece.

The bucket is constructed of wooden staves, with an unpainted white pine bottom. It's fully painted in mustard on the inside also, as is the lid, which is made of wooden staves with a tin rim applied. The wire and wood handles are not original and are decorative, not usable to carry the bucket. The bucket is older than the paint, which was probably done in the 1950's.

The pail stands 12 1/2 inches tall, with the measurement across the lid the same; the bottom measures 10 inches in diameter and the weight is 4 1/2 pounds. It's overall in very good, sturdy condition, its large interior perfect for storage. The paint is alligatored and there are a few flakes off the bottom front, some on the back side of the bucket and a few small dings on the lid. All of this is shown in our photo s. We only mention these for accuracy, since this very decorative piece displays beautifully.


PYH 5574