MCM Norwegian Pottery Wall Plate

1950's to early 1960's
Item number: PYH 5363

This striking Norwegian art pottery wall plate depicts a blond milkmaid wearing her bunad (a Norwegian folk costume worn by girls and women) and carrying her milk pail, accompanied by her goat. It was hand enameled by an artist at Arnold Wiigs Fabrikker, a ceramics company founded in 1938 in Halden that closed in 1977. This wall plate was created in the late 1950's to early 1960's.

The matte black painted background, reminiscent of a blackboard surface, calls attention to the sgraffito decorations that were carved through to the white clay and filled in with glossy enamels. The rim is encircled with a white line that adds further contrast.

Etched into the black underside is "908 Telemark." AWF named each of their designs for places in Norway, such as Setesdal, Vestfold or in this case Telemark. The ceramics are usually, but not always, marked with the conjoined initials AWF or with a circular impressed mark. The number 908 identifies the shape.

This dished plate measures 10 inches across and 1 inch high and weighs 1 pound, 5 ounces. There is a 1 /4 inch long slightly rough spot on the upper white rim line and some tiny white dots along the top rim, but no cracks, chips or missing paint. There are two holes molded into the foot rim for hanging if you wish and the plate displays beautifully.


PYH 5363