Pottery Vase Canada 1995

Joseph Panacci
Item number: PYH 5337

For over forty years Joseph Panacci has been a full time Canadian potter. This large postmodern vase of his was wheel thrown of porcelain clay. It stands 11 inches tall, measures about 7 1/2 inches across the belly with a 25 inch circumference and weighs 3 3/4 pounds.

The amphora shape features a short neck, a flattened mouth rim and a high rounded shoulder tapering down to a circular base. Both the base and the mouth opening measure 3 inches each in diameter.

Alternating rows of high gloss and slightly rough matte glazes in ombre shades of burgundy, blue, beige and light brown decorate this vase. Adding greatly to the tactile nature of the vase are raised swirls and bumps. The interior is glazed in a cream color and the artist's finger bumps can be felt inside.

The vase has a dry foot, signed in blue "Joseph Panacci 1995." The piece is in excellent condition, with virtually no wear and absolutely no damage. With its imposing size and fascinating surfaces, it is an excellent and collectible centerpiece vase, alone or filled with flowers.

Notes on Joseph Panacci:

Panacci studied at the Art College of Ontario and studied ceramics with the renowned Canadian ceramicist Kayo O'Young. His works have been exhibited and collected internationally for decades.

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PYH 5337