Italian Brass Tray

Hand Hammered and Signed
Item number: PYH 5292

This gorgeous solid brass tray was cast from a wooden mold made in 1750. Hand hammered in Italy, it's made high quality brass with a beautiful antique patina, quite different from the usual high shine on many brass pieces. The hand chased, pierced rope designs circle the upper lip and the bottom interior of this deeply dished round brass piece.

In diameter the tray measures 11 1/2 inches and is 1 1/2 inches high. It's very heavy, weighing 3 pounds, and is in excellent condition, with one tiny dent on the rim the only wear we could find.

There is a raised script signature on the underside along with a paper label with typed information about the casting. At one time there was a paper label (shown) which has fallen off and gone missing (but we did photograph it when we found the plate).

This tray can be used alternatively as a bowl/dish to display favorite things and looks beautiful standing on a shelf or flat on a table.


PYH 5292