Salt Glazed Stoneware Antique Jug

Nearly two hundred years old
Item number: PYH 5533

Step back in time with this exquisite Salt Glazed Stoneware Antique Jug. Crafted with care during the early 19th century, circa 1830-1840, its unique ovoid shape is a testament to the skilled artisans of the era. Unlike later jugs, this one stands out with its intriguing glaze treatment. The upper portion boasts a gorgeous warm brown hue, as if it were delicately dipped in a rich concoction, while the lower part retains the natural beauty of the clay itself. A true collector's item that tells a story of craftsmanship and artistry from days gone by.

The jug retains what appears to be its original cork, whittled to fit snugly in the mouth. The strap handle was pulled partly from the neck and partly from the mouth. It's attached to the body with a thumbprint. The jug stands 11 1/2 inches tall to the top of the mouth, measures about 8 inches across at the belly (the circumference there is 25 inches) and the base is 4 1/2 inches in diameter.

This jug weighs 6 pounds and is in very good condition. There is a hairline at the base of the handle and one at the neck; there are glaze pops, salt particles and pebble pits, but no cracks and no chips, surprisingly not even around the mouth. Any surface roughness was in the clay and/or happened in the kiln.

This stoneware jug is a utilitarian piece nearly two hundred years old that is a wonderful display item, alone or in a collection.


PYH 5533