Vase by Knödgen Keramik West German Pottery 1950's Modernism

Item number: 4202

Shades of burgundy overlaid with black and gilt lines like shooting stars and angled geometrics distinguish this very modernistic vase by Knödgen Keramik. According to "Keramic-Marken Lexikon," a German marks dictionary, the company was started in 1892 by Jakob Leopold Knödgen in Prussia (now part of Germany). In 1949, when West Germany was formed, the company introduced a new mark, consisting of two numbers, one over the other, with a dividing line between. The upper number was the model identifier, in this case 19, and the lower number was the height in centimeters, which on this vase is 20, or approximately 8 inches. This vase was not marked with "West Germany," perhaps because it was not intended for export. The company eventually turned to making ceramic kitchenwares and was sold in 1995 to Römertopf.

This vase has a beautiful matte finish, an inverted atomic shape with a high shoulder and a mouth with a slightly raised rim. As with most West German pottery pieces, it's in like-new condition; there are no cracks or chips and it's very high quality. The bottom is unglazed, exposing the fine white clay used, and in addition to the number mark, the JLK mark is impressed, also. The interior is fully glazed in black. It measures 6 1/2 inches across the shoulder, has a 3 3/4 inch diameter base and weighs 2 pounds 9 ounces. The design blends Art Deco and 1950's modernism, with its color and shape making it a dramatic focal point.


PYH 4202