Art Glass Honey Gold Tazza Speckled Centerpiece

Item number: 4407

This impressive tazza is tall, wide and gorgeous. The bowl is 15 inches across, thick honey gold glass speckled with amber and swirled into a fascinating vortex in the center. A large fluted crystal clear ball connects it to the solid golden glass base. The lightly smoothed pontil scar on the bottom of the base attests to the hand crafted creation of this fabulous centerpiece. Tiny bubbles are scattered through the piece. There are no identifying marks or labels as to the maker. a clearly expert glassblower. The colors of gold and amber are iconic 1960's decor.

Measuring 7 inches tall, this tazza sits on a 5 inch diameter round base and weighs 5 pounds. It is in absolutely excellent condition, with no chips, cracks or scratches. For a coffee table, credenza or other furniture piece that needs a dramatic focal point, this organically-shaped art glass tazza is the perfect answer.

***White spots in the photos are lighting reflections only.


PYH 4407