Dorchester Pottery Works Pair of Mugs Eight Bells

Item number: 4529

Named for the neighborhood in Boston, Massachusetts where it was founded in 1895, the Dorchester Pottery Works at first made plain, utilitarian stoneware for food and medical use. In 1941, they began making wheel-thrown, hand decorated stoneware pieces like this matching pair of tall coffee mugs; by the late 1960's, tableware was their only product line. Instead of being marked with their lead stamp, these items were signed by the artist who painted them---in this case, both are signed in cobalt on the bottom by Knesseth Denisons. His nautical themes are very desirable; these mugs are decorated with the words "Eight Bells" and the drawing of a ship's bell on each. The rim and handles of the mugs are also hand painted in cobalt, which they imported from Germany, on the pale grey stoneware clay bodies. Dorchester Pottery has always been admired for using old-time production methods and producing high quality wares. The business closed in 1979.

The mugs measure approximately 4 5/8 inches tall and 3 1/2 inches across the mouth. They each weigh about 1 1/4 pounds and are in excellent condition, appearing to have never been used, other than shelf abrasion on the unglazed foot rim. Inherited by the former owner, they have been packed away for many years, giving a fortunate collector the opportunity to acquire this scarce pair of Dorchester Pottery mugs.

PYH 4529