Danish Modern Art Pottery Pitcher by Frederik Ravnild

Item number: 4600

This handsome stoneware pitcher was made by Ravnild Keramic in Denmark. Started in 1949 in Odense by Frederik Ravnild (1910-1976) and his wife Lill, the company made unique Danish stoneware and ceramic pieces. In 1958 they moved to the town of Sødinge Hede; their ceramics studio is shown in a 1961 photograph we've included. Frederik died in 1976. Three of the employees continued production, but Ravnild closed in 1986. We've also included a photo of Frederik Ravnild seated at his potter's wheel.

This pitcher is glazed in a glossy chocolate brown, with distinct potter's finger marks, more prominent on the interior, smoother on the exterior. The sgraffito design is a large leaf, complete with veins, and two separate circles, perhaps the fruit of the tree. All of the carved designs have a rough surface shaded with a tan glaze and droplets of the chocolate brown for a modern abstract look. These decorations are similar, but not identical, on each side.

This piece stands 7 3/4 inches tall, measures 5 inches from the pulled spout to the flared rim opposite and has a 5 inch diameter base. As is typical with stoneware, it's heavy, weighing 3 pounds 5 ounces. Its condition is excellent, with just a couple glaze pops (the white spots in the photos are from light reflections). It's marked on the dry bottom with "Ravnild Danmark" stamped into the rough beige clay. This is a fine example of Danish modern pottery, made in the 1970's but timeless in design.

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PYH 4600