English Dicker Ware Pottery Basket

Item number: 4584

This charming art pottery basket was made by Dicker Pottery, established in 1843 in the village of Lower Dicker, county of Sussex in southeastern England. Following the end of World War I, the pottery was managed by Sydney Harte, who focused on making artware, experimenting in the 1920's and 1930's with glaze effects such as this matte pale green dripped and daubed with umber.

The basket is made of reddish clay and has a round paper label on its dry bottom that reads "DICKER WARE MADE IN ENGLAND." This label was only used during the span 1935 to 1940 and is not always found intact. Dicker pieces were most often marked with an impressed "Dicker Ware, Sussex;" this basket may have that mark under the label. After a series of mergers and new managers, Dicker Pottery closed in 1957. We've included a photograph of the Dicker Pottery in the final picture.

The basket measures 5 inches tall, 5 inches from side to side and sits on a 2 inch diameter dry base. It has no chips or cracks, but does have some glaze pops and glaze loss in the bottom half of the interior, all of which is pictured. Often called a "trinket basket," it's a nice size to include in a grouping or display singly, perhaps filled with potpourri.

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PYH 4584