Oyster Shell Handle Art Pottery Lidded Bowl Signed

Item number: 4593

This beautifully-glazed lidded bowl is large and impressive, the lid topped with an ocean-battered oyster shell that appears skeletonized. Hand made of grainy tan stoneware clay, it's glazed in a mottled, semi-gloss puce color that's daubed and dripped with a glossy, metallic dark blue. The interior of the bowl is fully glazed in very dark blue, with a dry rim and dry footed base. The inside rim of the lid is also unglazed; it has a flange that enables the lid to sit firmly on the bowl. The bottom is marked with the artist's incised signature---a mystery mark so far.*

This art pottery bowl weighs 3 pounds 4 ounces with the lid. It stands about 8 inches tall to the top of the shell, measures about 9 inches across at the belly with a 25 inch circumference and a base 3 1/2 inches in diameter. It's in superb condition, with no post-production damage and virtually no wear. It's an art pottery piece that displays handsomely and can be used for storage as well.

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PYH 4593