Sun and Swans Peru Art Pottery Bowl by Gabino Moncada

Item number: 4779

Gabino Moncada, an artisan potter in Chulucanas, Peru, hand built this beautiful art pottery bowl. Departing from the pre-Columbian motifs that influence much of his other pottery pieces, Moncada gave the tan clay body a coat of matte dark brown on the bottom and a wash of pale beige on the inside. He then hand painted a sun shining high in the sky over two large swans floating on sparkling (dotted) water. The artwork is off-white in color and semi-gloss against the flat background. Moncada did not use a clear finish over the paint, so it has a soft, hazy quality that is charming (but not washable).

The bowl measures 9 1/4 inches across and stands 4 inches high, tapering to a round base 3 inches in diameter. The base is hand signed "Gabino Moncada;" though it's undated, Moncada was working in the 1990's so we've dated it to that decade. It weighs 1 3/4 pounds and is in very good condition, with these caveats: there is a flake off the glaze on the rim, a dot of beige paint on the lower edge of the rim and a dark spot of paint on the rim. There are also a few flakes off the bottom of the bowl. These are all shown in our photos. None of this is objectionable and there are no cracks or chips. This pretty bowl is best displayed in a spot where the painting can be admired.


PYH 4779