Horse Sculpture Shino and Rutile Glazed

Item number: 4946

Weighing just over 7 pounds, measuring 14 inches long and 9 1/2 inches tall, this stoneware pottery horse sculpture is literally a huge focal point in any setting. From the cobalt blue eyes to the high arched tail, its minimalist lines are enhanced by the highly glossy mocha brown shino glaze, speckled and blotched with black carbon. It's topped with a rutile glaze that runs down in rivulets, doing an admirable job of creating a mane. The forelegs and feet are thicker and wider than the rear ones, giving a sense of motion along with the horse's lowered head.

The bottoms of the feet have been left dry, a technique often seen in Japanese pottery pieces such as ikebana vases. They reveal the rough stoneware clay used by the potter, whose chop mark, unfamiliar to us, is impressed on the underside of the sculpture. In excellent condition, it has no chips or cracks. In the final photo, there is a dark, straight line at the top of the head; this is a line of glaze, not a crack. All white spots are, of course, reflections of light on the extremely glossy glaze. This studio stoneware sculpture is a one of a kind piece of modern art.


PYH 4946