1930s Child's Pottery Baby Bowl

Item number: 4923

An adorable bowl made just for babies, this heavy white earthenware piece was made in Czechoslovakia in the 1930's. The quirky transfer decorations around the rim include a crow wearing a golden crown, a sprig of leaves and a very gnome-ish man with a pointed hat, bent over his cane. The word "BABY" is printed in blue at the top. In the bottom of the bowl is a transfer of three boys wearing neck scarves with matching blue hats and yellow clogs (love the patches on their pants).

The bowl is small but deep, with a painted blue line circling its waisted middle. It's covered with a clear, glossy glaze on all but the foot. The circular, stamped red mark on the bottom reads MADE IN CZECHO-SLOVAKIA; the letter E in red possibly designates the transfers used, since we've had this bowl with the same form and different decorations. The piece measures 5 1/4 inches across both top and bottom, stands 1 3/4 inches high and weighs 15 ounces. In exceptional condition, unstained and with the transfers intact, there is some wear to the dry foot, which also has a flake off the pottery near the mark; it's glazed over, so it happened during production, possibly when the stamp was applied. For a bowl meant to be used to feed a baby every day to be in this condition, it was probably displayed unused. It's perfect for the collector, new mom gift and charming décor for the nursery.

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PYH 4923