India Brass Container with Stopper

Item number: 4686

This rustic brass bottle container from India is a wonderful statement piece that lends an ancient yet modern look to any room's décor. Originally meant to store water, it is entirely hand made. with brazed seams, kicked-up bottom and a flanged neck that is attached with handmade rivets. The mouth is encircled by a wide lip and holds a wooden stopper. The weathered patina is so appealing and given that the piece was made in the 19th century, it is in excellent condition, with a few small dimples but no dents or other damage. Measuring 22 inches tall, (including the stopper which is 2 3/4 inches tall) it's 15 inches across at the widest point and 12 inches deep. Weighing 7 1/4 pounds, this antique brass water bottle is an impressive and exotic piece.


PYH 4686