1940s LEONARD PYTLAK Original Serigraph - The Greenhouse

Leonard Pytlak
Item number: 5248

Leonard Pytlak (1910-1998), a New York City artist born in New Jersey, was a prominent and influential printmaker. Initially, he was exclusively a lithographer, but in 1940 he started experimenting with the new medium of serigraph art, aka silkscreen printing. He was one of the first artists included in the silkscreen division of the New York Federal Arts Project and he was invited that year to show his works in two MoMa exhibits. He was also a registered artist with the WPA and created many beautiful murals. We've included a black and white photo of the artist.

Pytlak founded the National Serigraph Society and was elected a Guggenheim Fellow in 1941. His silkscreen and lithographs were also exhibited at the Library of Congress and the National Academy of Design, among other well-known institutions. His artworks are included in such major collections as the Brooklyn Museum, the Boston Museum of Fine Art, the British Museum, the New York Public Library, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

This vivid original silkscreen is titled "Greenhouse;" it depicts a young man holding a potted plant in his arms, peering out from behind a lush, huge anthurium in a very full greenhouse. It is signed in the screen "PYTLAK" on the lower right, nestled in the foliage. The sight size measures 15 1/2 by 11 1/2 inches and is under glass. The print is in excellent condition, with a small, dark mark in the lower right corner the only flaw we could find (it's most easily seen in the photograph of the signature).

The narrow, 7/8 inch wide wood frame is original; it is painted white and has a gilded, beaded inner edge and a gilded outer edge. There is a chip on the bottom of the lower corner (shown) and a small amount of wear on the gold edge. It's backed with corrugated cardboard and finishing nails with a thin wire for hanging; the weight is 2 pounds, 2 ounces. We have left it as found, but we highly recommend archival materials to replace the backing.

This is an exceptional serigraph by an exceptional artist.

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PYH 5248