Wood Tray - Reverse Painted - ROBERT M. WEISS

Robert M. Weiss
Item number: 4883

This is the largest and most impressive decorative tray from Robert M. Weiss that we have seen so far. Robert M. Weiss Presents, located in Ridgewood, New York, opened in 1988. Mr. Weiss is the owner and designer, importing hand painted, one of a kind decorative items, many crafted by artisans in Peru, like this beautiful tray.

The rectangular tray is solid wood, painted in a dark brown on the sides and handles, then given a lovely antique gold finish, semi-matte and muted. The center surface is glass, with reverse painting (also known as Verre églomisé) featuring a colorful floral pattern with glittering silver metallic accents and arabesques, all on a flat black background covered with golden sprinkles. The primary colors are peach, honeydew, cantaloupe and pale gray. The bottom of the tray is painted black and has a paper label that reads "robert m. weiss TM HAND MADE IN PERU."

The tray measures 25 inches by 16 inches and 3 1/2 inches high to the top of the handles and it weighs a substantial 5 pounds, 10 ounces. There are chips in the wood, in an area on one side and another area on one end, that reveal the dark brown color underneath (we've shown both). The rest of the wooden tray is in very good, sturdy condition; the glass and the painted designs are in excellent condition, with no flaws. Although the bottom is smooth, there is a felt circle at each corner and in the center to protect surfaces it's placed on.

This decorative tray both serves and displays beautifully and looks wonderful on a sideboard or propped on a shelf.

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