Modern Monk Sculpture by Rosemary Taylor

Rosemary Taylor
Item number: 5373

This mid century pottery figure was created by hand by Rosemary Taylor, a noted American ceramicist. A 13 inch tall monk with a smiling face, folded hands and tonsured head, the unglazed piece is made of brown clay with white flecks. Every art pottery sculpture made by Rosemary Taylor is unique; this piece is one that is harder to find than others of hers.

The simple lines and playful sense of humor remind us of some of the Scandinavian art pottery made in the 1960-1970 years like this monk was, but Taylor definitely had her own style. This art pottery monk is in fabulous condition, with no discernible wear. The round base is 4 inches in diameter and the piece weighs a substantial 2 1/2 pounds. As with many of her pieces, there is a rattle in the monk's head when he is turned upside down. (Both head and body are hollow.)

This large art pottery sculpture is signed at the lower rear bottom, incised into the clay: © Rosemary Taylor. It's a superb find for the lover of MCM pottery.

Note: There is very little published about Rosemary Taylor. We found that she was the first owner of a house newly built in 1960 in Green Brook, New Jersey. By 1976, she was living in Buck's County, Pennsylvania. She has been cited as exhibiting at the Syracuse (NY) Museum of Fine Arts Ceramic National in 1956, but we reviewed the catalog from the exhibition and she was not listed.


PYH 5373