Travis Berning Maple Leaves Large Platter

Artist Travis Berning
Item number: PYH 5310

This superb pottery platter is decorated with three realistic maple leaves that are seemingly floating on the rim where they have drifted down. Artist Travis Berning has been creating pottery inspired by nature for 28 years; he made this platter on the potting wheel in his home studio in Flat Rock, North Carolina. His work has been published in magazines such as Southern Living, Clay Times and Country Living. He's a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and a co-founder of the Western North Carolina Pottery Festival, a juried show that features the works of over 40 master potters.

This 18 inch diameter dished platter exhibits amazing glaze techniques. The wide rim is covered with a dark green and brick red textured surface, while the center well is a whirlpool of blue- gray and white lines and speckles. The fall---and fallen---leaves are yellow, brown and green, so very natural in appearance.

The underside of the platter is covered with that same textured glaze that's on the face of the piece, except for the dry foot rim. The artist has hand-inscribed his signature "Berning' in the center. A sturdy wire is wrapped around the 3/4 inch high foot rim and twisted into a loop that holds the piece securely on the wall. The platter is 2 1/2 inches deep and weighs 5 pounds 10 ounces; it's in excellent condition, with no discernible wear. It's a spectacularly decorative piece of pottery from a very talented potter.


PYH 5310