Mexican Pottery Wall Plate

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Mexican artist and professor Javier de Jesus Hernández Martínez, born in 1951 in Guanajuato, signs his majolica pottery Capelo. His works are sought after and high-end in price in the U.S. and in Mexico. Capelo's goal with his pottery is to reference and honor the Spanish majolica of the 16th century. His works have received many honors and awards and have been exhibited in museums such as the Franz Mayer in Mexico City and at the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art at the University of Oregon in Eugene. He was featured in the March, 2003 article "Ceramics in Guanajuato, Mexico: A Look at Five Contemporary Studios" in Ceramics Monthly Magazine. We've included a photo of Capelo at his potter's wheel.

This 10 1/2 inch wall plate was handmade of red clay and hand painted with a fruit motif on a mottled, sponged ground in soft colors reminiscent of Old Masters paintings. The rim is a band of speckled cobalt, echoing the cobalt color used to outline the pears, peaches, and cherries, as well as their leaves and stems. The plate weighs 2 1/4 pounds and is in like-new condition. Twin holes for hanging the dished plate were drilled into the outer foot rim. In the center the artist signed in black printing "Gto. Mex. {Guanajuato Mexico} "Capelo". This is a superb piece of Mexican majolica by a superbly talented ceramicist.

>>>There is a highly informative article about Capelo and his pottery on a .com website called artemexicomuseo.

PYH 5404

Pat Custer Denison has been a professional artist for 49 years, since the year 1970, when she married Chip Denison. They started their arts collaboration by selling Pat's paintings and prints at fairs in Michigan. In 1975 Pat bought a kiln to fire ceramic tiles. This plate, hand made and hand painted by her 4 years later in 1979, seems to be an unusual form for her; we have not found another ceramic plate that bears her signature, although there may be more out there. After many years making ceramics, Pat has returned to printmaking at their studio in Honor, Michigan.

The plate is glazed buttery yellow, with the abstract bird carved into the white clay and then painted in shades of brown. The reverse side is plain yellow, with a dry foot ring. Etched into the glaze, revealing the white clay, is the title "FAT DOVE" and the date APRIL 5, 1979, followed by the signature PAT CUSTER DENISON. There are glaze pops and a few tiny excess lumps of glaze. It's in excellent condition, with no post-production damage. Measuring 10 1/4 inches in diameter and 1 inch high, the plate weighs almost 1 1/2 pounds. Created by an incredibly talented artist, this plate is a one of a kind original.

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