Splint Basket 8 Ribs Bentwood Handle with God’s Eyes

Published on 10 April 2024 at 14:42

This basket is a nice size: 8 ¼’ round and 9 inches tall to the top of the handle. It was handwoven over 8 ribs with varying widths of narrow splint, the average being ¼ inch wide.

The bentwood handle completely encircles the basket and is lap-joined at the center bottom; no nails were used in this basket. The handle is joined at each side to the basket with nicely-done God’s eyes.

This was a working basket. There are some small brownish marks on the handle and two areas of bluish stains on the interior (blueberries?). There are 2 breaks in the bottom splint. There is about one inch of splint missing in each break. In all other respects, this nice old basket is in good condition with its natural patina intact.

This item is sold.

Information by Linda Henrich

Photos by Wayne Henrich

PYH 3632

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