Norwegian Tine Handmade Bentwood Box

19 Inches Long
Item number: PYH 5612

This traditional antique tine from Norway is constructed of a thin piece of wood that was steam-bent into an oval, then laced together with birch tree roots. Two oval boards serve as top and bottom, while two interior wooden posts, one at each end, are topped with carved notches, one of which swivels to hold the lid snug. The surfaces are decorated with interesting pokerwork (burnt in) designs and the box has a wonderful rich brown patina due to the protective varnish that has darkened over the many years.

Most of the existing tines appear to have originated in area of Bergen, Norway. They were used for storing valuable possessions and taken by emigrants to the New World while serving as luggage. The arched handle on this tine's lid is convenient for carrying.

This very large tine measures 19 inches long, 12 inches tall and 13 3/4 inches front to back. It weighs 6 pounds, 10 ounces and is in very good condition, save for some splits in the wood, for a handmade wooden box from the 1800's. There are a couple of old red and white labels stuck on the bottom; we left them as is. The name Laup is handwritten on the underside of the lid, possibly the name of the maker or owner.

This beautiful Norwegian folk art box is undoubtedly the largest and most impressive tine we have had for sale, definitely a focal point in any room.


PYH 5612