Peoria Pottery Antique Stoneware Jar

Item number: PYH 5477

 This Peoria Pottery Antique Stoneware Jar is truly unique, crafted from the stoneware of Peoria, Illinois and finished with the hard-to-find Peoria glaze. This antique jar is the perfect accent piece to add your own touch of personality to any space.

This stoneware canning jar was made by the Peoria Pottery Company (c. 1863-1902) in Peoria, Illinois. By the 1870's, Peoria Pottery was supplying Illinois and some western states with their quality stoneware. The company's "Peoria Glaze" was a high gloss Albany slip style, like the glaze on this quart canning jar. It has a pumpkin tint to it, which shows on the areas that are thinly glazed, as well as in the two raised rings at the neck. The slip covers the jar inside and out.

This simple shape, dropping straight down from the rounded shoulder, is an early one for Peoria. In an illustrated catalog published between 1885 and 1890, "fruit jars" were offered for sale. These were the stoneware jars with flat panels and a defined shoulder that are far more easily found today. By the early to mid -1890's they had discontinued utility wares like this jar and had begun making whitewares like pitchers and bowls. We've included an 1888 drawing of the Peoria Pottery factory.

The jar measures 5 3/4 inches tall, 2 3/4” across its top and 4” across its base. It weighs 1 pound, 10 ounces and is in very good condition, with a few pops and tiny nicks in the glaze but no chips, cracks or other damage. The dry bottom is marked "PEORIA POTTERY" stamped into the clay. It's a handsome piece of stoneware, about 150 years old, and a nice find for the collector or decorator.


PYH 5477