Chicken Folk Art Two-Sided Doorstop

Catherine Murphy
Item number: 5294

A great piece of country folk art, this double-sided pecking chicken doorstop has so much personality! It was hand cut out of sheet iron and hand painted, one side in yellow, orange, green and red; the other side is a completely different bird in tones of brown, green, red and beige, speckled with spots. Mounted on a heavy, curved piece of iron, it's sturdy and not easily tipped over. The iron rod that attaches the figure to the stand is cleverly painted to blend in and is clenched underneath the stand. The figure swivels on the stand to face in different directions--as shown in our photos.

This fowl measures 12 inches tall, 9 inches wide and weighs a bit over 3 1/4 pounds. The base measures approximately 8 inches long and 2 inches wide. There is a partial paper label on the bottom with a handwritten note that reads "Catherine Murphy Pecking Chicken Mixed Media 35." ** It's in excellent condition, with rust on the sides and bottom of the stand---but not the top--lending a nice vintage touch. The paint is vibrant and undamaged and the doorstop displays handsomely.

**There is a metal artist named Catherine Murphy at Haw Creek Forge in North Carolina; she presently makes decorative copper items, but it's possible this may be one of her early works.


PYH 5294