Creek-Turn Pottery Bowl Kleiner Original

Item number: 4395

Hand painted with a stylized pink flower in a green planter, this square bowl with curved corners was made by Creek-Turn Pottery in Hainesport, New Jersey. It measures about 7 inches side to side and top to bottom; from corner to corner it's almost 10 inches. It stands about 1 1/2 inches high and weighs a bit less than a pound. Artist-signed on the reverse, under the final glaze, the black hand-written signature reads "By Frances O hagen." (Not all of Creek-Turn Pottery pieces are signed by the artist.) The pottery's mark is impressed in the clay in script and reads "Kleiner Original Creek-Turn 232."

Creek-Turn Pottery was started in 1927 by Herman Joseph Kleiner, Jr., whose father, Herman J. Kleiner, Sr., a well-known Philadelphia craftsman and sculptor, mentored his son and collaborated with him on projects such as frames, tables and lamps. Creek-Turn closed during World War II, but reopened afterward and was listed in the 1949 New Jersey Industrial Directory under "Art Pottery." Kleiner became a specialist in glazes, supplying them to potters like Waylande Gregory. In the late 1980's, the company was doing custom order work; Mr. Kleiner, Jr. passed away in 1993, his father twenty years earlier.

This stylish dish has no cracks, no chips and no crazing. There is one small excess lump of clay on the back of the bottom right corner (shown in one of our photos) and a couple of glaze pops nearby, but it's otherwise in excellent condition.

Note: The history of the pottery and its founder was obtained from Lois Lehner's Encyclopedia Of US Marks On Pottery, Porcelain & Clay, extracted from her telephone conversation with the junior Kleiner in 1987.


PYH 4395