Great Looking Antique Wooden Feed and Grain Scoop

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Item number: PYH 5595

This wonderful, very old grain scoop was used to scoop grains and feed from barrels and bins in the early to mid-1800's. Made of jack pine in New England, the wood has acquired a deep brown color with an unmatched (and unfakeable) patina grown beautiful with time and use.

This scoop was expertly constructed. The T-shaped handle is not made of simple, flat pieces of wood, but shaped and carved. It's attached to each side with a large mortise and tenon. At the top there is an iron ring for hanging, attached to the scoop with an iron strip secured with tiny iron nails that are clinched onto the strip on the reverse side.

Measuring 8 inches wide, 11 1/2 inches top to bottom and 4 1/2 inches deep, this piece of antique treen weighs 2 pounds, 2 ounces. Given its rough use over many decades, it's in great condition. There was a large amount of dust and even some pieces of grain in the corners and crevices; we removed all we could with lemon oil...if any remains, it's complimentary.

Having the hand forged iron hanger is a bonus, as it allows it to be hung on the wall as well as set on a shelf or table. Some hand-dipped candles* (we got ours from BeeandBlossomHome here on Etsy) or dried wildflowers look so appropriate in the scoop, but it displays handsomely on its own.

*Why were candles always up high on a wall or shelf? So the mice wouldn't nibble them!


PYH 5595