White Buffalo Warrior Navajo Kachina

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Item number: PYH 5538

A superb kachina made by Diné/Navajo native K. Yazzie, this carved cottonwood figure represents the White Buffalo Warrior. White buffalos are extremely rare (about one in ten million). They are the most sacred living thing to the Diné/Navajo people, so the white buffalo regalia is very spiritual.

This kachina is dressed in white fur, overlaid with a black breastplate and a colorful apron that wraps around back and is decorated with a white feather. He wears two strands of black glass beads around his neck; his face is painted black and white with exaggerated dark red lips. The fur headdress is complete with two black and white horns. He carries a shield with a painted buffalo skull; the spear and bow he also carries have turquoise stones on them, as does the waistband of the apron.

The warrior stands 15 inches tall with one foot on a 3/4 inch thick slice of wood 5 inches in diameter. From the edge of the shield to the edge of the bow is 12 inches across and the artwork weighs 1 1/4 pounds. The bottom of the wood base is signed "White Buffalo Warrior K. Yazzie 617,152 T.T. {Tribal Tract}".

The detail on this kachina is exceptional. It's in excellent condition, with a small amount of wear and no damage or missing pieces that we can find. Just a wonderful addition to your Native American collection...or the start of one.

PYH 5538