Colorful Fruit Folk Art Oil Painting Signed and Dated

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Bring vivid color to your home with this Colorful Fruit Folk Art Oil Painting! Handcrafted with passion, the oil paint captures realism and texture, and is signed and dated to ensure authenticity. The perfect way to showcase your love of art!

This charming folk art painting on stretchered canvas features a footed dish filled with colorful fruit with two birds perched on top. The still life arrangement, done in oils, is standing on an olive green tabletop, vivid against the charcoal background.

The painting measures 8 inches by 10 inches and is signed lower right "Trowbridge 82." It's in excellent condition with no tears or other damage. The artwork can be hung on a hook or nail or propped on a shelf or stand. Wherever you place it, it looks wonderful.


# 5556