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Antique French Pewter Foot Warmer

Item number: 5520

One of the prettiest antique foot warmers we've seen, this heavily embossed pewter box held heated stones, bricks or coals in the 1800's to keep one's feet comfortable on drafty carriage rides and during lengthy church services. Some of the raised designs with flowers and vines are gilded as they wrap around the lid and the bottom. There is a moveable swing handle on top that is capped with a charming flat bow.

The box is hinged to the body at the back and has an elaborate latch hook closure at the front. The foot warmer stands on four peg feet and is pierced on the bottom to allow fumes and excess heat to escape. It's made of old pewter, a combination of mostly tin and a bit of lead, with a shiny surface.

Called a "chauffe-pied" in France, this foot warmer measures about 9 inches long, 5 1/2 inches front to back and 6 1/2 inches tall (8 1/2 inches tall to the top of the handle when it's raised). It weighs 2 pounds and is in overall very good condition. The gilding is worn, in some spots more than others, and the interior shows the darkening effects of the heat. There are no breaks, cracks or other damage. This antique foot warmer displays beautifully and once lined with cloth could serve as storage as well.

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PYH 5520