Redware Lidded Pitcher for Greenfield Village

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Traditional pottery artist Vey Valentine (1946-2022) was a potter and an instructor in Early American ceramic techniques at The Henry Ford Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan, where he made this handsome lidded redware pitcher. The pitcher is marked in two places on the bottom edge, stamped into the clay: one reads "Vey Valentine" in script, the other states "GREENFIELD VILLAGE POTTERY" in an oval with H123 next to it. The dry bottom of the pitcher is hand signed "Vey 83" inscribed in the clay.

The pitcher has so many beautiful details, one of which is the wide pulled handle, pinched at the base where it meets the body. The short spout was pulled also, and there are concentric decorative grooves running around the body slightly below the neck and on the lid, too. The lid has a flat round knob and fits snugly into the mouth. The pitcher is smooth on the outside and covered with a high gloss clear glaze; the potter's finger marks can be felt on the interior, which also has the glossy glaze. We have included a photo of an antique redware lidded pitcher, made circa 1820-1849. It's easy to see the similarities; Vey Valentine certainly knew his traditional pottery forms.

The pitcher stands 6 1/2 inches tall to the top of the knob, measures 7 3/4 inches across from the spout to the handle and has a base diameter of 4 1/2 inches. The piece weighs about 3 pounds and is in pristine condition, with no damage or wear. This redware pitcher is an heirloom of the future.


PYH 5530