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Upsala Ekeby Swedish Pottery Jug Vase

Item number: 5007

This pottery jug vase was produced in the 1940's by the well-known ceramic factory Upsala Ekeby, founded in Uppsala, Sweden in 1885. By the 1930's, they were making brilliant art pottery. We've included a photo of the factory in Uppsala taken in 1935, which finally closed in 1978.

The jug is 5 1/2 inches tall to the top of the arched handle and about 4 inches across. The caramel and brown colors are glazed over a cream base color that created a hare's fur effect. The foil label is embossed with a crown over the words Upsala Ekeby (no hyphen) . It was used from the 1930's until the beginning of the 1960's. The foot ring is unglazed, exposing the red clay and the bottom is glazed in matte brown, stamped with the word EKEBY and the number 14. There is also a written initial, either H or M, that may be an artist's initial.

The jug vase weighs about 1 pound and is in excellent condition, with no post-production damage or evident wear. It's a great size to add to a group of pottery and a desirable collector's piece.

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PYH 5007