American Farm Scenes Folk Art Paintings

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This matched pair of charming, original folk-art paintings was painted in acrylics on canvas and signed by June Reedy (1931-2021). June lived in Los Angeles; she was a gifted and well-known local artist. She was born during the Depression in Illinois and probably did these farm scenes from childhood memories.

One of the paintings portrays a farm wife taking down the laundry from the clothesline in front of the two-story farmhouse. The wind is picking up and there are storm clouds overhead. The artwork is signed "June Reedy" at lower right.

Meanwhile, her farmer husband is out in front of the barn, getting in some last-minute hoeing before the rains come. This painting is signed "June Reedy 93" at lower left.

Each painting measures 22 inches by 14 inches by 2 inches. Both were framed by a gallery in Colorado that opened in 1982 and is still in business. The 1-inch-wide frames are wood, stained dark brown and have raised ridges. Each painting weighs approximately 2 pounds and is in excellent condition. They look great side by side or hung vertically, one over the other.


PYH 5234