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D. and J. Fuller Miniature Mallard Hen Decoy

Item number: 5515

Darrell and Judy Fuller created their Cedar Duck Company in 1981. Darrell carved the ducks and Judy painted them. The couple wanted to make decoys that are decorative art. We think they succeeded admirably.

This miniature mallard hen, created with butternut wood by the Fullers, is a beauty. Measuring 8 1/4 inches long, beak to tail, it has all the elements of a full-sized decoy: Detailed carving, handsome matte paint job (including nice feathering), glass eyes and even the nostrils and nail on the beak. Burned into the bare wood on the bottom is "D&J Fuller 87 Mallard #872". This is one of their earlier birds, low in number and before they added Niles, Michigan to their signature.

This decoy, so lifelike, measures 3 1/4 inches tall, 3 inches wide across the breast and weighs 6 ounces. In superb condition, with no damage and virtually no wear, it's a classic decoy by this talented couple.

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PYH 5515