Haitian Wood Carving Statue From Jacmel

Item number: 4354


This sculpture was hand carved and painted in the port city of Jacmel, Haiti. The barefoot, partially bald man has his gathering bag slung over his right shoulder and is carrying a gourd in his left hand. The carved, painted stitching on the cut-out areas of his pants are especially clever and the sculptor even added a touch of red on the man's lips. He measures 14 inches tall including the irregularly shaped 3/4 inch high base that's about 4 inches across. It is signed with the carved words "HAITI JACMEL." He's in excellent condition and a handsome well carved sculpture.


Jacmel's nicknames are "Culture Capital" and "City of Artists," since it's internationally known for its active artists and vibrant folk art. The city was designated in 2014 a UNESCO Creative City, the first city in the Caribbean city so honored. As you can see in our last two photographs, even the graffiti in Jacmel is beautiful!

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PYH 4354