Vase- Rustic Tree Trunk Art Pottery

Item number: 4485

This wonderful, imaginative art pottery vase was hand thrown from rough speckled tan clay in the form of a tree trunk. Complete with four applied branches and a rough glaze that is variegated in chocolate browns and sage green to simulate bark, the finishing touch is a scattering of four square knotholes, made of pottery and separately applied. The concentric rings made by the potter's fingers are seen on the interior, which is glazed in sage green.

As a signature (photograph # 8), the potter incised a tree trunk with four branches on the bottom of the vase, a very apropos mark, The piece stands 6 3/4 inches tall, has an irregularly shaped mouth about 3 1/2 inches across and weighs one pound. In excellent condition, since it's fully glazed inside, fresh flowers can be used, but its naturalist design can certainly just be admired unadorned.


PYH 4485