Limoges Porcelain Chamberstick France

Item number: 4595

This gorgeous antique French porcelain chamberstick was made in Limoges by Tressemanes & Vogt. The green ink stamp on the bottom was used by T & V from 1892 to 1907; it indicates that this piece was sold as a blank (undecorated). The artist who painted it, Ella T. Hissrich, signed her name in script on the bottom in black. Ella Marinda Tilton Hissrich (1884-1978) was a prolific Pittsburgh, PA china painter who was well-known for her fine, detailed work.

The chamberstick is painted with pink roses and green leaves against bands of blush pink on the top of the stem and along the base. The body is pure white porcelain formed into 6 panels. Both the drip pan that surrounds the candle cup and the four-sided finger ring are painted in gold. The piece measures 5 1/4 inches tall, about 4 inches across the base and weighs about 1/2 pound. The candle cup is 7/8 inch wide and accommodates a regular taper candle.

Tressemanes and Vogt was a porcelain manufacturer in Limoges, Limousin, France from 1891 to 1907, a partnership between Gustave Vogt and Emilien Tressemanes that produced high quality wares. Their mark on this chamberstick reads "T&V" (framed in a lozenge) and "LIMOGES FRANCE DEPOSE" (déposé means that the shape of this piece was patented in France).

Limoges porcelain chambersticks are not easily found; this one with its double pedigree is a wonderful discovery. It is in exceptional condition; there was some candle wax residue, which we carefully removed, so we know it's been used. It obviously was gently treated, however, and is as beautiful as the day Mrs. Hissrich finished decorating it.


PYH 4595