Art Pottery 1992 Drip Glazed Stoneware Studio Tall Pitcher

Item number: 4668

This handsome stoneware pitcher was hand thrown and glazed with drips and runs of colors: grey, white, navy, sky blue, brown and black. Standing just shy of 12 inches tall, the graceful shape includes a grooved base, a curvy pulled spout and a wide strap handle, also pulled, with a thumb grip and two decorative knobs where it's attached to the body. Placing the handle high on the body gave it stability and ease of lifting. The potter's finger marks are very evident on the fully glazed interior and lightly seen on the exterior. The top glaze is glossy but softened by the textured surface. The 5 3/8 inch diameter dry bottom reveals the reddish tan clay used.

The artist's signature is incised along with the date '92. In excellent condition, with no chips or cracks or other damage (white spots are flecks of white glaze), the pitcher weighs about 3 3/4 pounds. Impressive in size, shapely in form and beautifully glazed, this one of a kind pitcher is an excellent piece of studio pottery that works with both modern and rustic décors.


PYH 4668