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Stoneware Weed Pot Vase Japanese Style 70s

Item number: 4953

This tall studio stoneware weed pot is so clearly wheel thrown by hand, with the artist's finger marks very evident from neck to base. Created from rough tan clay, the body of the vase was given a thin wash of grey glaze that still exhibits its rough texture. Only the narrow foot rim and the bottom were left dry. A deep green glaze was then applied in daubs and drips, with a pattern unique to both front and back. The elongated neck ending in a rimmed mouth is 1 inch across and painted a chocolate brown. This neck color is a common characteristic of Japanese weed pots and the overall decorative effect is pleasingly Zen.

The vase is hand signed on the bottom with the potter's name Duell (?) and dated 77. There are three protective green felt circles on the bottom. It stands 10 inches tall and weighs in at a hefty 3 pounds, The shoulder measures about 5 inches across with a 15 inch circumference, tapering down to a 3 inch diameter base. In exceptional condition, this seventies weed pot complements both modern and rustic interiors.

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PYH 4953