El Salvador Shicali Pottery Vases

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In 1981, a group of young people, all of whom had disabilities, began a cooperative in the city of San Salvador by the name of ACOGIPRI (The Cooperative Association of the Independent Group Pro-Rehabilitation Integral). To establish economic independence, they founded Shicali Cerámica*, making ceramics on the potting wheel that have been acclaimed for their high quality.

These vases have wonderful surfaces; the color is a greenish-grayish beige with brown speckles and drips in shades of gray. The forms taper down from high shoulders and rolled, rimless mouths to round dry bases that reveal the red clay used. The interiors show the finger marks of the potters' hands.

Although appearing to be a matching pair, they are slightly different in size, due to their handmade origins and the smaller of the two is a tiny bit lighter in color, The one on the right in our first and last photos is the slightly larger one. The measurements for each in inches are:

>> Larger vase: Height 9 1/4; base diameter: 3 7/8; mouth diameter 4 1/4; circumference at the shoulder 21 1/2. The weight is 3 pounds 9 ounces.
>> Smaller vase: Height 9 1/8; base diameter 3 3/4; mouth diameter 4 1/8; circumference at the shoulder: 20 3/4. The weight is 3 pounds 5 ounces.

Stamped on the bottom of each vase is “Shicali El Salvador Hecho a Mano {Made by Hand}”. They are in excellent condition, with a small hairline split 1/2 inch long extending down from the lip on the smaller of the two. There are no other cracks, chips or repairs. These vases, used together or apart, are simply elegant.

*The name Shicali comes from the Nahuatl language and it means: "Fruit of the morro tree turned into a container for food" (or in this case, for flowers and foliage).

*Note: Price includes both Vases

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